RFM-48-XB  Parts Diagram



No. Part Number Price Cart
1124684 TOP COVER PLASTIC 4FT FM$141.84Add To Cart
2403029$109.10Add To Cart
3502303$95.27Add To Cart
4164090$28.16Add To Cart
5403682$28.16Add To Cart
6167108$30.83Add To Cart
7184000 40HP GEARBOX 1to1.93$271.14Add To Cart
8165114$92.74Add To Cart
9502011$13.63Add To Cart
10502010 SWIVEL LINKS$45.28Add To Cart
11500001 LIFT PINS - CAT 1$10.37Add To Cart
12501095 FLEX HITCH SPACER KIT$34.11Add To Cart
13403664$157.04Add To Cart
14502110$46.71Add To Cart
15403670$23.58Add To Cart
16502120$28.58Add To Cart
17403700$60.56Add To Cart
18310067$43.42Add To Cart
19501029 PIVOT SHIELD KIT$48.00Add To Cart
20403023$51.29Add To Cart
21502125$16.92Add To Cart
22502015$55.00Add To Cart
23401031 PIVOT BAR WELDMENT$47.38Add To Cart
24502316$46.71Add To Cart
25502313$34.80Add To Cart
26147022 22IN PTO SHAFT SHEAR PIN 4FT KUTTER$183.85Add To Cart
27502310$15.97Add To Cart
28Item 28 Not For Sale - -